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As has been already mentioned, my main goal is an individual approach. However, it follows that it is not easy to create a pricelist with several items to choose from. Everyone can request something a little bit different, in varying amounts and with various additional services. Therefore, there are two configurators available to help you precisely specify the required stirrups or saddletrees.

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Saddletrees and Stirrups

The Saddletree Configurator is more complicated by far, especially with regard to the ability to specify the tree parameters. Many of you prefer a simple system of specification that is suitable for saddletree production for traditional riding horse breeds. Some saddlers use my targeting tool enabling to describe the bars area shape comprehensively that is in contact with a horseback via just several numbers. In addition, I am given various physical horseback models. In particular, these are wire models, as well as models made of cardboard or similar materials, or their version drawn on a paper with scale and emailed to me.

The Stirrup Configurator is relatively simple. You can select stirrups of different sizes, the price of which in the basic version ranges from CZK 870 to 1620. Of course, the stirrup pair can be fitted with a different bolt. This improvement will cost you CZK +200. It is also possible to arrange an individual designation, such as a monogram or a ranch logo. This additional work may cost generally from CZK 1,000 to CZK 3,000 depending on the difficulty and material design.

Each specification method is possible, but each of them is demanding for further processing differently. Then, this processing of your data has to be reflected in the resulting price of your saddletree. A cover is also a part of the saddletree. In the traditional version, the cover is made of rawhide; in a modern and cheaper version, it is made of fiberglass.

Pricing Policy

  1. The basic version of a saddletree specified in the simplest way and when I do not have to do any subsequent work with data processing.

    • 3880 CZK
    • With a fiberglass cover 5830 CZK
    • Sewn into rawhide 10980 CZK

    This is the basic price.

  2. A saddletree, specified in a basic way but for a horse without traditional riding horse breed, therefore, atypical modifications are necessary to be done.

    • 4250 – 4860 CZK.
    • With a fiberglass cover 6200 - 6810 CZK
    • Sewn into rawhide 11350 - 11960 CZK

    There is an extra charge of 370 – 980 CZK

  3. A saddletree specified using detailed data from my measurement system. Of course, my measurement system allows you to enter parameters as in the point 1. In the case of specification using detailed listing I assume automatically that the horse is without traditional riding horse breed, therefore, atypical modifications are necessary to be done.

    • 4860 CZK
    • With a fiberglass cover 6810 CZK
    • Sewn into rawhide 11960 CZK

    There is an extra charge of 980 CZK

  1. In exceptional cases and only on the territory of the Czech Republic, it is possible to arrange my personal assistance in measuring. This is only possible if a saddler, who will work with the saddletree then, is notified of it and will be present in the measuring just as if the tree was measured by them themselves. My actual customer, who will take over the saddletree and whom I am responsible to, is always a saddler, not their customer.

    In such case, I will charge CZK 15 per km (including return drive) + CZK 1000 for measurement. This shall be added to the price of the skeleton to be valued according to point 3.

  2. The prices are valid for regular customers. For individual orders not exceeding 3000 CZK in total, a fee of 20% of the regular price may be charged.

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