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Specify the saddle description. From photos of horses, or Finished saddles usually can not be anything important to find out. If possible, send technical Drawing, or at least hand-drawn pictures of important things with description and dimensions.

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How does fiberglass look with integrated groud seat?

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Front angle


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First select the front angle

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Type of horn


Type of horn

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Cantle height


Cantle height

front distance
Front distance

Special information

Distance bars at the front

I use an appropriate distance of the bars in the front part for each type of the saddletree and its angle. If you have no experience with my saddletrees and do not know exactly what you are doing, please do not change the data.

Please, do not specify the gullet dimension. Although it is a widely used dimension, its parameters depend also on other circumstances than the actual distance of functional areas, for example, on the bars perimeter edge shape or the fork type (size).

back distance
Back distance

Special information

Distance bars at the back

Depending on the saddletree type, the bars distance in the back is smaller by 1/2" to 1”. If you have no experience with my saddletrees and do not know exactly what you are doing, please do not change the data.

cantle width
Cantle width

Special information

Cantle width

The cantle width is usually related to the fork width and the total tree width. For the wade and visalia types, the cantle width is related to its height. If you have no experience with my saddletrees and do not know exactly what you are doing, please do not change the data.

Before entering the data from the dipstick, consider entering the image configurator. If you find that the measured horse is not atypical, there is no reason to enter data for special fittings. If you are hesitating, or you are convinced that a measured horse requires individual approach and you will continue to enter this way, it will cost you something.

right side left side
front angle
back angle
front distance
back distance

In exceptional cases, and only on the territory of the Czech Republic, it is possible to arrange my personal assistance in measuring. This is only possible if the saddle-maker, who will continue to work with the skeleton, is familiar with it and will be present in the measurement just as if the skeleton was focused on itself. My real customer, who will take over the skeleton and who I am responsible for, is always a saddler, not a customer.

Here I will request CZK 12 per kilometer (there and back) + CZK 500 per measurement. This is added to the cost of the skeleton, which will be awarded according to 1st or 2nd depending on the horse's frame.

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Current exchange rate EUR 1 = CZK 24,710.

Send your configurator data is non-binding. Any deal is agreed always under separated individual communication. If the deal has been agreed and concluded, your data from the configurator is used as the production basis. Each tree is produced individually. Therefore, its production takes some time. This time will be specified within individual communication. If something changes or you find that you have made a mistake, there is usually time to correct everything during this period, without any consequences. After sending your data, I will respond personally within two business days.

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