The stirrups are an ancient invention allowing a rider to stay better on a horseback. That's doubly true if the rider does not use the horse only as a means of transport but as a partner in some joint activity requiring quick and accurate manoeuvring. The western stirrups support and protect rider's legs; they have to be comfortable for long-distance riding or to allow quick mount or dismount from a horse when working with cattle.

Method of My Production

Western Stirrups

In my workshop, the western stirrups are made of hardwoods such as oak, beech, ash, and others. The stirrups are made completely by hand, totally from cut laths, not peeled or sliced veneers or inner veneers. That's why, my stirrups have a maximum of 4 layers, i.e. 3 glued joints. This is a sufficient number of layers to ensure shape stability as well as eliminate some wood defects that could affect the strength. On the other hand, the layering at the stirrup edge is visible only minimally, so the stirrup keeps its "wooden look".

The stirrups are made in various size variants, depending on length and width of the footbed or on length of the bolt, in order to satisfy the demand for all common variants for different uses.

If a customer chooses to have a monogram or a logo on their stirrups, this decorative feature is made using the inlay technology. This means inserting a relatively massive piece of other material (otherwise coloured wood, bone, etc.) into the finished stirrup.

The surface finish is made of epoxy varnish, which as one of the few ones does not flake off even when the stirrup is used for a long period of time and is battered and scraped on its edges, so the used wood already absorbs and evaporates water from the surroundings.

In particular, my stirrups are supplied to saddlers. This means, I supply them without leather parts, which the stirrups have in e-shops of riding equipment. Each saddler completes these parts themselves so that the stirrups are in the same design as the saddle.

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