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This is an order form. Therefore, this is not an e-shop in the real sense of the word, but a table with overview of all the possible dimension combinations I can make. Some of them are very popular, other ones have not been requested yet. From the front views, it is clear that these are combinations of two footbed widths (measured across a foot) and two lengths of the most used bolts. Within the stirrup designation, these footbed widths are described as "SL" and "XL" in the first place, followed by the bolt dimension in inches. The dash is followed by side profile designation with dimension expressed in US inches, as well. For asymmetric stirrups (at the bottom), there is the abbreviation "AS" in front of the side designation in order to avoid confusion.

Prices (in the right column) are always for a pair without shipping and apply for all the types in the given row.
A pair of stirrups with special bolts is about 200 CZK more expensive.

Side view Front view Price
stirrup - front view stirrup - front view stirrup - front view stirrup - front view
stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-2
SL 2,5-2
Stirrups SL 3-2
SL 3-2
Stirrups XL 2,5-2
XL 2,5-2
Stirrups XL 3-2
XL 3-2

810 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-3
SL 2,5-3
Stirrups SL 3-3
SL 3-3
Stirrups XL 2,5-3
XL 2,5-3
Stirrups XL 3-3
XL 3-3

950 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-4
SL 2,5-4
Stirrups SL 3-4
SL 3-4
Stirrups XL 2,5-4
XL 2,5-4
Stirrups XL 3-4
XL 3-4

1090 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-5
SL 2,5-5
Stirrups SL 3-5
SL 3-5
Stirrups XL 2,5-5
XL 2,5-5
Stirrups XL 3-5
XL 3-5

1340 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-AS3
SL 2,5-AS3
Stirrups SL 3-AS3
SL 3-AS3
Stirrups XL 2,5-AS3
XL 2,5-AS3
Stirrups XL 3-AS3
XL 3-AS3

1190 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-AS4
SL 2,5-AS4
Stirrups SL 3-AS4
SL 3-AS4
Stirrups XL 2,5-AS4
XL 2,5-AS4
Stirrups XL 3-AS4
XL 3-AS4

1190 CZK
/ 1 pair

stirrup - side view Stirrups SL 2,5-AS5
SL 2,5-AS5
Stirrups SL 3-AS5
SL 3-AS5
Stirrups XL 2,5-AS5
XL 2,5-AS5
Stirrups XL 3-AS5
XL 3-AS5

1340 CZK
/ 1 pair

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These prices are valid for regular customers. For an individual order that does not exceed a total of 3,000 CZK, a 20% charge of the current price may be charged.


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Send your configurator data is non-binding. Any deal is agreed always under separated individual communication. If the deal has been agreed and concluded, your data from the configurator is used as the production basis. Each tree is produced individually. Therefore, its production takes some time. This time will be specified within individual communication. If something changes or you find that you have made a mistake, there is usually time to correct everything during this period, without any consequences. After sending your data, I will respond personally within two business days.

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